Nyx Wickentower


Step into her celestial lair and delve into your most primal fantasies. Let her sensual bondage captivate you mentally, physically, and spiritually as she uses you for her whimsical delights. From her long silken hair, her full smothering breasts, to her brilliant wicked behavior, Goddess Nyx knows how to get a slave to do exactly what she demands. Come and escape into the realm of desire and worship the Goddess who turns dreams into reality.

Some of her interests are:
Rope Bondage
Mental Bondage
Sensual Domination
Impact Play
Nipple Torture
Fantasy and Role Play
Sensation Play
Medical Play
Tease and Denial
Slut Training
Foot Worship
Shoe/Boot Worship

The Goddess splits her precious time between SD, LA, and The Bay. Call for her availability.

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Prodigy of Nikki Nefarious
Goddess of House Shifting Moons
 Dominate, Primal Alpha, Feral
 Native/Celtic Two Spirited Gemini
 Dancer (Oriental, Hawaiian, etc…)
 Artist (Performance, Multi-Media, Visual, Whips…)
 Fetish model
 Pro Domme (this means no pay, no play)
 Ever flowing, exploring, and leaning new and amazing things
** Non-Kink- **
 -Works in the medical field
 -Animals, children, and seniors.
 -Alternative lifestyle coaching/therapies
 -Animal assisted therapies (certified VA)
Interested in many different things and always ready to learn more.
SM Academy
Training Pride/Pack/Tribe
* Life Coaching
(Goals, Financial, Forward thinking…)
* Alt. Lifestyle Coaching
(D/s, Poly, Family Dynamics…)
* Etiquette
(Lifestyle, Japanese, Butler…)
* Fire/Electricity
(History, medicinal, practice…)
* Rope work
(Shibari, Suspension, Bondage…)
* Impact
(Whips, Floggers, Bare hands…)
* RP/Dynamics
(Primal, Fetish, D/s, B/l…)
* Bondage
(Silk, Rope, Leather…)
* Other
I am enjoying this journey of learning and if it wasn’t for the wonderful people I met along the way who were a guiding light in the dark parts of my past, I wouldn’t be who I am today <3 I love to meet many more wonderful people.

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